RailSis Engineering&Consultancy is a specialist company working on transportation systems. It is giving services on the electromechanical systems for the transportation systems covering Trolleybus, Monorail, and all type of Rail systems. Our working subjects vary with the needs of the customers.

Rail Systems Engineering

Planners and decision-makers want the best products at the best price, designed to meet ever increasing expectation of the society. Rail systems are expensive infrastructure investments that must have superior design to deliver years of reliable performance.

To find optimum investment, transit agencies, railroads, and main contractors need assistance from experienced consultants. RailSis Engineering&Consultancy participated in the planning, design and development of many rail transit systems. Our mission is to provide engineering excellence in every project (green or brown field) we undertake, and ensure that our clients’ rail systems are solid investments for the future.

Excellence in Rail Systems Engineering

We specialize solely in rail systems engineering, with proven expertise in electromechanical systems, including vehicles, signalling, traction power supply, and electrification systems. We assist clients with planning rail transit development and providing engineering services. 

We have experience in every type of mass rail transportation system: tramways, light rail transit (LRT), metro, and recently trolleybus systems. We have also experience on mainline railways.

When clients call on us, they know their needs and expectations will be met, whether for new systems or system upgrades. RailSis consistently helps clients obtain value.