The purpose of rail transit design is to bring out fully integrated systems that meet operators’ long-term needs while delivering maximum return on investment. Each component must be carefully designed, and all sub-systems must function together as a smooth system.

RailSis applies state-of-the-art tools and extensive rail transit experience to the design of practical solutions conforming to requirements and standards. We help our customers manage risks, control costs, and deliver to their patrons—the passengers—safe, reliable, and efficient rail systems. Our services include system planning, preliminary and detailed design, specification development, procurement strategy, bid evaluation, design review. These include:

  • Traction Power Supply System
  • Catenary System
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Signalling and Train Control
Traction Power Supply System

RailSis is recognized as a full-service engineering firm specializing in traction electrification designs including, traction power substations, transmission systems and distribution systems. Our distribution system capabilities encompass third rail and overhead catenary systems, including simple trolley wire, complex catenary arrangements and electric trolleybus systems. RailSis has experience to design substations systems for the wide range of electrification, including 600 VDC, 750 VDC, 1,500 VDC, 1x25 kV AC fed systems.

RailSis's traction power capabilities include system planning, computer modelling and simulation using state-of the-art SimuX software, development of design criteria and specifications, design review.

Catenary Systems

RailSis offers planning, design and cost estimating services for rail system and electric trolleybus power distribution and Overhead Contact System (OCS) installations. These installations range from street-running networks of trolleybus and tramway to light rail, heavy rail metro and railway networks. Our services include OCS layouts, sectioning, overhead wire profiling and support, load calculations, and equipment specifications.

Powerful computer simulation application helps us trade-off decisions with respect to OCS wire size, voltage drops and substation spacing/location decisions.

Energy Efficiency

RailSis offers innovative and industry-leading capabilities in managing power demand and reducing energy consumption and have the skills to make the “green” rail industry even “greener”.

RailSis uses industry-leading software which can simulate and quantify the benefits of implementing or enhancing rail system energy efficiency strategies.