SimuX Applications
SimuX - Rail System Simulator
SimuX enables user to simulate transportation systems in great detail and flexibility. It has been developed by Prof. Dr. M. Turan SÖYLEMEZ who is a lecturer in İstanbul Technical University. It is under continuous development with new features as per new needs and developments emerge in the sector.

SimuX has been used in many projects to assess new operational conditions/rules/vehicles in an existing system as well as designing and/or verification of traction power supply systems of new lines, and it has been confirmed that its results are highly accurate. It is also used in many academic research projects, and was the main source for some publications many of which were in refereed journal/conferences.

In simulation of transportation systems, there are hundreds of parameters to be entered into the model by the user in order to have a satisfactory simulation. Inputs include parameters for tracks/lines, power feeding system, traction power supply system with any protection device such as voltage limiting device, all types of rolling stocks to be used, and operational data and constraints.

Unlike most competing products, SimuX’s dynamic simulation algorithms model the interaction – during each simulation time step – of trains and the power system as conditions change along the alignment. Voltage variation at the train affects train performance, so when the voltage decreases, the acceleration, velocity and location of the train are altered. Power drawn by the train decreases, enabling the traction power system to partially recover from the voltage sag.

SimuX details the performance loss caused by low voltages by using this algorithm. It can analyse the impacts of a train bunching on the traction power system and the ability of the traction power supply system to support multiple “stacked” trains restarting.

Combined with low voltage behaviour modelling, its ability to model VLD (voltage limiting devices attached to the return circuit-running rail) enables us to find achievable headway time under the worst case scenarios such as failing two neighbouring substations.

With these powerful dynamic simulation algorithms SimuX avoids over sizing of the system, ensuring that simulation-based capital investment decisions are the right ones.

With support for multiple train types, train consists, SimuX supports the development and optimization of integrated operating plans. 

SimuX supports the assessment of future operating plans in terms of on-time performance predictions, energy usage, vehicle requirements, and the ability of the traction power system to support the proposed train service level under “normal” and “contingency” operations.